Warm greetings from Liveldy Team. Liveldy is one of Nigeria’s leading telehealth providers. We offer accessible and affordable healthcare strictly online through our mobile application.

We are excited to announce a whopping 50% discount on all first consultations on the Liveldy app. Drum rolls…

This is a limited offer, and you surely don’t want to sleep on it.

We think of the 50% discount as our own special way of supporting your journey to optimal health.

You can take full advantage of the discount to:

  • Chat or video call our licensed and highly professional medical experts about any of your health concerns.
  • Schedule a physical consultation appointment with the Doctor if required.
  • Book for any kind of lab test or a full routine body check up.
  • And there’s still a lot more! Your body is all you’ve got,take good care of it now and it will be there to serve you for the rest of your life.

Don’t put off that medical consultation or check up you know you need. This is the right time to straighten out your health. And Liveldy got you covered.

Click the button below to claim your 50% discount now.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing 50% Discount on First Consultation”
  1. Show me how to do the check up by myself, I don’t need all this stuff you people are dragging me to.

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