In the ever-evolving landscape of digital health, the accessibility and convenience of telehealth applications have become increasingly crucial. Liveldy, a prominent player in this realm, is making strategic moves by transitioning away from reliance on a single platform, such as the Google Play Store, to diversify its reach across various app stores including Amazon, Samsung, and OPO. This bold shift is not only about broadening Liveldy’s user base but also about mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities in the rapidly expanding telehealth market.

What does this mean for our Users:

  • Our users will have to install relevant store (Amazon App Store, Samsung Store or OPO Store) to have access to new updates of our app.
  • Prices for consultation credits for patients will be significantly lower.
  • Doctors will see increase in exchange rate for consultation credits
  • No more google play related payment systems will be active.

Diversification for Resilience:

The decision to move away from exclusive reliance on the Google Play Store reflects Liveldy’s commitment to resilience and adaptability. Relying solely on one platform can pose significant risks, as changes in policies or algorithms could affect visibility and accessibility. By diversifying to other app stores like Amazon, Samsung, and OPO, Liveldy can mitigate these risks and ensure its presence across multiple channels. This move is akin to spreading investments across various assets to reduce exposure to volatility in financial markets.

Catering to Diverse User Bases:

Each app store has its unique user base and geographical reach. While Google Play Store remains dominant globally, other platforms such as Amazon App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and OPO App Store cater to specific audiences and regions. Liveldy’s expansion to these platforms allows it to tap into diverse user demographics, preferences, and market segments. For instance, Samsung users, particularly in regions where Samsung devices are popular, may prefer accessing apps through the Galaxy Store, providing Liveldy with an opportunity to cater to this audience more effectively.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances:

Partnering with alternative app stores opens doors for strategic alliances and collaborations. For example, Samsung’s extensive ecosystem of devices and services presents opportunities for Liveldy to integrate its telehealth solutions seamlessly with Samsung Health or other Samsung ecosystem products. Similarly, OPO’s app store might provide Liveldy with access to a growing community of users in regions where OPO smartphones are prevalent. These partnerships can enhance Liveldy’s brand visibility, user engagement, and overall market penetration.

Enhanced Visibility and Discoverability:

Diversifying to multiple app stores enhances Liveldy’s visibility and discoverability. While the Google Play Store remains a popular destination for Android users, standing out among millions of apps can be challenging. By expanding to other platforms, Liveldy can potentially benefit from less competition and more visibility, increasing the likelihood of reaching users who may not actively browse the Google Play Store. Additionally, Liveldy can leverage promotional opportunities and featured placements offered by these alternative app stores to amplify its presence and attract new users.

User Trust and Privacy Considerations:

Amid growing concerns about data privacy and security, diversifying to alternative app stores allows Liveldy to address user trust and privacy considerations. Some users may perceive alternative app stores as offering better privacy protections or more stringent app vetting processes compared to the Google Play Store. By offering Liveldy on platforms known for their commitment to user privacy and security, such as Amazon and Samsung, Liveldy can reassure users about the confidentiality and integrity of their health data, thereby fostering trust and loyalty.


Liveldy’s transition from the Google Play Store to alternative platforms like Amazon, Samsung, and OPO reflects a strategic move aimed at resilience, market diversification, and enhanced user reach. By embracing a multi-platform approach, Liveldy not only mitigates risks associated with platform dependency but also capitalizes on opportunities to tap into diverse user bases, forge strategic partnerships, and enhance visibility. As the telehealth landscape continues to evolve, Liveldy’s proactive approach positions it strongly to thrive in this dynamic and competitive market.

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